The best electric pump for handling of solvent with ignition/ignition and explosiveness






Utmost safety is required for transferring explosive and flammable liquids. Through up-to-date technology and innovations, Shoei has developed a line of electric pumps which provide remarkable efficiency and usefulness.
Shoei has the pump that suits your business best, so choose from the line of Safety-1 pumps to achieve safer, quicker and fail-proof operation.

Official certification mark
Official certification mark

Features of Safety-1

Easy maintenance

The motor requires no lubrication and other troublesome maintenance, as it does not include consumables, such as fuses, brushes, etc. which may cause accidents. For this reason, both the motor and pump are enclosed for maintenance-free construction.

Adoption of a highly reliable sparkless motor

The pump uses an induction-type motor to minimize the generation of sparks, thus lessening the danger of combustion and explosion.

Measures against static electricity

The pump is provided with every possible consideration against the occurrence of static electricity generated by the transference of fluid.
For additional safety, the pump is equipped with earth wires at three locations.

Amazingly long service-life

The pump uses selected parts chosen through endurance operation tests.
Also, as the Safety-1 is operated at a slow speed it has remarkably increased the life of bearings and other consumables.

Adoption of a Safety Switch

An easy-to-operate hand switch has been developed through the development of a compact pressure-resistant and explosion-proof switch, which has been safely designed in conformity with the explosion-proof grade d2G3 standards.

Full after-sales service

All options, accessories, explosion-proof plugs, cock nozzles, etc. are all available on request.
Contact Shoei or an agent, and we will gladly supply you with anything that you need.